Significant Event Notices

Summary of significant event notices and material change notices in the last two years

The following table provides a summary of the significant event notices and material change notices sent to members in the past two years.  These notices are generally included in a Fund newsletter or the Annual Report, however where only a small number of members are affected or we wish to provide tailored information to each member, the notice may be via separate communication to individual members.

Where a general notice was sent, you can view a copy by clicking on the link provided under the ‘nature of the event or change’.        


Notice date Nature of event or change Description of the change
November 2018 Advice of preferred partner for superannuation arrangements going forward The Trustee has chosen Sunsuper as the preferred partner for members' superannuation arrangements going forward.
August 2018 Asset allocation change for Growth options The benchmark asset allocations for the Growth MySuper and Pension Growth options have been amended effective 31 October 2018.
December 2017 Removal of Buy-Sell spread From 1 January 2018, the Trustee has removed the buy-sell spread for all investment options in the Fund. 
October 2017 Change to Buy-Sell spread The Fund’s buy-sell spread for each option has changed.
October 2017 Change to the socially responsible investing statement The Trustee has updated its statement on socially responsible investing.
October 2017 Change to investment objectives The Fund has amended the Growth MySuper/Pension Growth and Balanced/Pension Balanced option objectives to use the Australian CPI rather than the Perth CPI.
October 2017 Change to fees The actual fees for the year ending 30 June 2017 are provided.
October 2017 New Investment Option The Cash Option was introduced for accumulation members.
April 2017 Update to Unit Pricing Policy The Fund’s Unit Pricing Policy has been updated to reflect our full range of investment options, the processes used by SuperBPO in calculating unit prices and changes that have occurred to allow the Fund to offer a MySuper product.
Approx 1100 member affected.
April 2017 CBH Super will offer a MySuper Product from 1 May 2017 CBH Super will offer a MySuper product "Growth MySuper" from 1 May 2017.  As part of this offering, the Growth option will now be called the Growth MySuper option.
April 2017 No accrued default amounts (ADAs) remain in the Fund from 1 May 2017 CBH Super does not hold any accrued default amounts from 1 May 2017 and as such, no member will have their previous ADA amount compulsorily transferred to Kinetic Super.
February 2017 Compulsory transfer of accrued default amount Any member with amount held in the Balanced option (formerly known as the Managed option) in CBH Super Fund at 31 December 2013, less any amounts that have been transferred out of this option since that date -‘accrued default amount’ (ADA) are required to transfer the ADA to a MySuper product, unless the member opts out of this transfer.
Approx 750 members affected.